Senator Roy Blunt Visits ACGI

Introduction of Senator Roy Blunt (August 4, 2016)

We are grateful that Roy has taken the time to come to ACGI today. Senator Blunt has established a pattern of upholding the values of the people of Missouri, but I wonder if you knew that he was born right here in Webster County and taught school here at Marshfield High School. We have had the privilege of observing his career moving from the educational field to political office. We congratulate him on his success in winning the Primary Election this past Tuesday and take pride in the fact that this man from Webster County was qualified to fill the shoes of great Missouri statesmen like Mel Hancock and Kit Bond.

Roy represents us well in that he has stood up for the rights of the unborn—an issue that we care very deeply about, since we helped start Choices Pregnancy Center here in town. He has protected our 2nd Amendment rights, advocated for farmers, and is very pro-business. He went to bat for us recently at the US Department of Agriculture, and we were able to proceed with the Apple project with his help.

Most importantly, I believe I can call Senator Blunt a brother in Christ.

In this contentious political season, it is good to know that a man who shares our values is guarding our interests in Washington DC. Please give a warm welcome to our friend, Senator Roy Blunt.